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The Walk In Cafe'            
We Serve food for the soul.

Airs at 6:00 Pm.  mountain time every thursday. 

  Starr Weldon is the host and creator of

 "The Walk In Cafe."

Come on in,
sit down,
grab a cuppa
let's talk

Each week we interview ordinary people who have extra-ordinary outlooks on life and live
in the frequency of love and light

and sharing their gifts with the world.

The purpose of this show is to have a place to share with others the simple

ways that spirit can be used to further the evolution of the planet and humanity.

On the first Thursday of every month we are blessed to have Jean Wallis to tune in for

callers and share her gifts

for hearing and seeing the possibilities that lie in your future. Jean and I also discuss the

 energies we are

experiencing and the ways we have found to use our spiritual gifts to enhance our lives.

On the third Thursday of every month our own tarot reader Eve Sheldon will be here to

 share her gifts with you.

The second Thursday will be mine to share my journey, take calls and share with you

channeled messages I receive.

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The Walk In Cafe, is just over 2 years old.  Exactly 2 years ago we became a part of network.  Before that we were on our own.  We have aired over 100 shows and interviewed numerous guests.  It is Starr's vision that the Walk In Cafe be a place for walk-ins, starseeds, travelors and just those who are answering the call to higher consciousness to not only hear about the journey of others like them but to share their own wisdom and stories, and in that vein she has interviewed people on a spiritual journey from all levels and interests.  Starr is so grateful to all who have shared their stories with her.

We started having regular guests, Jean Wallis and Eve Sheldon, every month to insure more audience participation and to have a place to have a question or two answered on air.  Thus showing how intuitive guidance comes into play in our spiritual path.

Late this year it became clear that spirit was encouraging and asking Starr to claim her own voice on her own show so we started having one show a month that is exclusively Starr, sharing her insights and experiences with the audience.

At this point we knew that she was to share channeled information from the ascended master Sainte Germaine so that is being brought into play as well.

"I hope that this show fills a place in supporting folks during this time of great change on the planet."  Starr Weldon
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